Our Company

Babycoach was founded in 1992. Suzy Giordano began by helping a family friend who had just given birth to triplets thanks to in-vitro fertilization. Suzy used her own experience with her surprise twin boys to get all three babies sleeping through the night. That friend told a friend (or ten) and that was it. Word began spreading throughout Washington D.C. that it was possible to have triplets and greater multiples not only sleeping through the night but on a daytime schedule as well. Parents of twins soon came calling and Suzy’s approach evolved. Over the next few years, Suzy began to realize that the steps she was taking were forming a unique, consistently effective method. In 2004, Suzy met Lisa Abidin. By this point the demand for Suzy’s time was so great that she was having to turn away families, the Abidin’s being one of them. Lisa refused to accept defeat and persisted. Suzy had a last minute cancellation and Lisa capitalized. The two became fast friends as Suzy sleep trained Lisa’s twins. The two went on to write 12 Hours by 12 Weeks. After that, the secret was out. In 2005 Suzy began training babies throughout the country. New York, California, Texas, Florida, Oregon, Washington, name a state and Suzy’s probably trained a baby there. Suzy’s two daughters, Camilla and Marcella, held down the fort in Washington D.C. as the business grew. By 2008, Suzy was training internationally but that wasn’t enough for her. Suzy doesn’t know how to not challenge herself. She began training older babies, toddlers, and children. She challenged herself to train babies with physical ailments, down syndrome, autism, and other challenges. The Babycoach method proved to still be effective. Since then the Babycoach method had evolved into an overarching parenting style. One focused on asking parents to think long term and empowering them to thoughtfully parent their children. We’re raising adults. Everything you’d like them to be, starts right now. The lessons you teach, habits you cultivate, and values you instill in them will carry them throughout their lives.