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Our goal is to inspire parents to raise children to be environmentally conscious. Let’s all unite to take baby steps to save our planet!

The Ava Lily Challenge

It all began with Suzy’s unconscious habit of picking up litter during her daily walks. Once she noticed the amount of litter that existed just in her neighborhood she started seeing it everywhere. At first she’d pick up just what she could hold in her hands, but that didn’t last long. Soon she found herself needing a specific bag to be able to carry all the litter she’d find. This became such a habit that her first granddaughter started joining her whenever she’d go for a walk with her grandma. Now it’s become a challenge. Who can fill up their bag first. Who can get more litter overall? So now we challenge you. We challenge you to join us in cleaning up our communities. Start by just grabbing what you can carry. We know that once you start, you won’t be able to turn away. You won’t be able to ignore the litter that exists everywhere. We challenge you to teach your children to do the same. They’re the ones that will reap what we sow, so let’s give them a better world.


Join us today! The world our children will inherit can’t wait until tomorrow.