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"Doulas' pacifiers for new parents - Baby coaches help frazzled moms, dads care for newborns, set up schedules -- and finally get some sleep" - The Chicago Tribune 

 "Enter Sandman: Suzy Giordano will solve your baby's sleep problems - just $1,000/night. Babble's Infant Industry." -   

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 "Brasileira cria método que faz bebês dormirem 12 horas seguidas" -   

"Dicas pro bb dormir até 12hs seguidas!!!" - Brasil.Babycenter.Com  

"Guru do sono do bebê' ensina técnicas aos pais em novo livro" - Folha de S.Paulo 

"Seu bebê vai dormir 12 horas por dia!" -

“Webb plays golf for the PGA TOUR and one of the blessings of his profession is that I am able to travel with him full-time. Ever since we got married in the beginning of 2010, we have lived a very unique life: in and out of hotel rooms, rental homes and suitcases. With the birth of our first child in 2011, continuing to stay together as a family was an important priority for us. However, a child with inconsistent feedings and unpredictable sleeping habits was incredibly stressful for not only myself in these new and unchartered waters but also for my husband who had to work in the morning. Given our scheduled lifestyle, we needed a scheduled routine, and more than that, I needed help accomplishing this desire. By way of grace I stumbled upon Suzy's book 12 Hours Sleep by 12 Weeks, and thought I would see if she miraculously made house calls. To my surprise and complete elation, she did and she happened to have an opening that worked perfectly with our travel schedule. Now, I want to be completely honest here, I am not one to joyously open my home to a stranger, that does not come naturally to me, especially one I was going to allow to be with my child all night. I had such conflicting emotions. I wanted to be with my child if he cried but I also did not have the heart to let him cry it out. He was beyond the point of needing food in the middle of the night and had the ability to sleep through the night but I was the hindrance. I was the one preventing him from learning this new task because every time I heard even the slightest whimper I was right there to pick him up and hold him. This was not only hurting his ability to master the new skill of putting himself back to sleep, but also my ability to be an alert and attentive mom during the day as I could barely hold my head up or my eyes open. So through tears and a lot of hesitancy I asked Suzy into our home to help me, a first time mom. As soon as we met in person, the anxiety melted away. Suzy carries not only years of personal hands on experience but also the warmth of a nurturing mother. She is kind and gracious and deeply loves my son. She cared for him as if he were her own. Within three days she had my son on a schedule that suited our family perfectly. More than that, she continued to answer my texts weeks after she had left to help me implement this new routine. I think the greatest proof that I trust and love Suzy's approach to helping children accomplish the new skill of sleeping through the night and scheduled routine is that I invited her back to help with one of my other children. I have recommended her countless times and will continue to do so. She is a gift of grace in not only my children's lives but also in the life of this mother. Very thankful!"

~Dowd & Webb Simpson (Pro Golfer PGA Tour) 


"We purchased Suzy's book after our daughter was born because David's sister recommended it. Our daughter was sleeping through the night (8pm to 8am) at 12 1/2 weeks! Our son took to it even faster and was sleeping through the night at 7 1/2 weeks! Our whole family is well rested which has made us all MUCH happier!! We now give a copy of Suzy's book to all our friends with new babies."

David Hisch Northern Virginia 

"When Ollie was three months old we flew across the world to Australia for three weeks and when we came he decided that no one needs sleep! He would wake up to nurse every 45 minutes. I was losing my mind, losing patience, and losing the ability to enjoy my baby. Marc's game was suffering from sleep deprivation which was only adding to my stress. I had know about Suzy for awhile and had even had her phone number but I kept delaying in hopes that we could come up with a solution on our own. After a few very tearful nights, I realized that my pride was the only thing standing in my way. I have no idea why I waited so long!!!! When Suzy walked in the door she immediately became part of our family. Within three nights Ollie was sleeping through. After 5 days he was taking two naps a day and sleeping 12 hours a night. In addition to this newfound energy we made a great friend and I have loved keeping in touch with Suzy. I know that this is an investment but if you ask me what the price of sanity is I will give you her phone number and price list." 

~Audrey & Marc Leishman (Pro Golfer PGA Tour)


"I'm one of five kids and my mom used the tough love approach on us so when I learned about Suzy's method (from a friend who raved about her) I was skeptical.  We met Suzy in person right before our son was born--not only does she have a gentle/warm demeanor she KNOWS babies. "Baby Guru, Baby Whisperer, Night time Angel, A Parent's Hero"--she's all that!!! She had our first born sleeping through the night in less than one week with minimal crying.  Not only that, our son has slept approximately 12 hours a night since Suzy's training!  Her method teaches children to comfort themselves to sleep.  So, even when our son's sleeping regressed a month ago, he quickly fell back in line.  Needless to say, we are in awe of her and believe in her method! So, when we were having our second child a year later, of course we called on Suzy.  Because she is in such high demand we opted to work with Marcela and Camilla, her daughters.  They've been trained by their mom and are just as amazing.  We are superbly happy with both!  Our second son is down to one ounce of milk per night and soon he too will be sleeping through the night.   These ladies are masters, you won't be making a  mistake by bringing them on!"

Evelyn Miller Washington D.C.

"We absolutely LOVE Suzy Giordano and tell every new parent we know about her. She gave us the gift of sleep for all three of our girls (and in turn, us!). We first met Suzy because our first born child was having a really hard time with sleep at around 5 months old. I was up all night and it just did not feel sustainable to me. A friend told me about Suzy and we called her right away. To be very honest, at first my husband balked at the cost - but by the time Suzy left our apartment (and to this day) my husband feels it was literally the best investment he ever made. In fact, we called Suzy FROM THE HOSPITAL when I gave birth to my twins two years ago so we could be on her schedule in 6 months time.She is compassionate, straight forward and you will never meet another human being who understands this topic of sleep more than Suzy. Now, if only she could sleep train adults...." 

Atoosa Rubenstein (Founding Editor of CosmoGIRL! and former Editor in Chief of Seventeen Magazine) New York, NY

"It is no exaggeration to say that Suzy Giordano changed our lives. What I expected—and received—from Suzy was a home in which children sleep soundly, on a predictable yet elastic schedule.  What I didn’t anticipate gaining was a therapist, a mother/grandmother/favorite aunt proxy, a best friend, and a shoulder on which to cry…or sleep. Suzy taught me more about being a mother than anyone has, save my own mother, and she did it with patience and compassion. She taught me to trust my instincts as well as respect my children’s needs and independence.  (Yes, I learned that even a baby needs her independence.) I am a better mother and wife because of Suzy Giordano and not just because I’m much better rested.  I can enjoy my family more because we can plan—our lives are no longer haphazardly scaffolded around hoping our children sleep while we keep our fingers crossed. The first few nights weren’t easy…and then it was.  I couldn’t have survived without Suzy. My children fell in love with her, and we tried to adopt her or have her adopt us.  Unfortunately, we lost her to immediate demand elsewhere."

~ Faith Salie (Actress, Writer, Producer, Commentator CBS Sunday Morning) New York, NY 

"I now have two sons, ages 2 and 4. I read Suzy Giordano's book after each of them were born and they were both sleeping 12 hours by 8 weeks old. I tend to get upset when I hear people criticize her method as not only were my pediatricians overjoyed at my children's sleep and eating habits, but also everyone I knew commented on how lucky I was to have such happy boys. They continue to be happy, healthy, amazing sleepers. This also means you have helped support my marriage. I always know how much time my husband and I have together to be us. Needless to say, 12 hours sleep by 12 weeks is my constant baby shower gift! I buy it for EVERYONE! With praise, love, and many thanks."
 ~ Alex and Brad Vogel 

"Suzy came to us on the recommendation of a neighbor when our son had just turned 1, and just as I was starting chemotherapy for breast cancer. Our son had always had trouble sleeping and our entire family had somehow been getting by on far too little sleep as a result, but once I got sick and started the exhausting treatment, we knew we needed some help.  Suzy arrived on our doorstep a week after we called her.  I think she must have rearranged her schedule to get there so quickly.  She stayed with us for several nights and in that short time got our son napping in his crib (he had previously only napped in his stroller) and sleeping until 6:00am, which was a major victory and literally felt like a miracle to us at that point. We have never had a bunch of babysitters or housekeepers or anything in our house and didn't know if it would feel strange to have someone besides our family in our space.  It was quite the opposite.  Suzy almost instantly felt like family.  Both of us and our older daughter fell in love with her instantly, and our son (who often mistrusted new people) let her hold him and push him in his stroller and help him learn how to sleep when and as much as he needed to.  Suzy is quite possibly the warmest person we have ever met.  She genuinely cares about the families she works with, and gets the job done. Once our kids were asleep we loved talking to her about what she does, about her family, about cooking . . .  We adore her and consider her a true friend now.  If we ever had another baby who had any kind of sleep issues, Suzy is the first call we'd make."

 ~ Jennifer Higgins New York, NY 


"I had a baby in March, she would sleep for twenty minutes, needless to say neither of us were doing well. I read Suzy's book and thought there is no way... but we were strict and it worked!! Keeping her awake at times was an Olympic sport but we figured it out... She is a FABULOUS sleeper now and a very happy baby! It's made a world of difference, thank you. My sister in law recommended the book. She used it with her second baby and wished she'd done so with the first. I truly can't thank you enough."

Diana Shattuck